Here are some great links for quilting ideas. 

Browsing the web for quilt patterns and advice can be useful.  It can also fill up your mailbox, and show you lots of projects that could take YEARS.  I've put links to three sites that I have found fun and useful below.

      This site links to lots of free quilting advice and patterns.  It also offers magazine subscriptions and shopping... Some cool stuff here, however.

      This site like many others connects to a commercial Quilting magazine and can fill up your email box pretty fast, but there  is usually a fun idea on the daily email and there are forums if you like that sort of browsing.

      This is one of many quilting blogs that post free patterns for individual use.  This one comes from a woman in Australia  whose  materials deal with several crafts  including quilting.  

Lots of people blog about their work, sell their ideas and patterns, and have long lists of followers.  If you like internet surfing, take a look.  

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