The 4 quilts on this page were made in New Zealand on my last two trips there to visit the grand children April 2012 and Christmas 2013.  The crazy quilt on the left below came to New Zealand  in my suitcase as a set of 20 completed blocks along with a used sheet I was planning to put on the back.  Becca picked out the border fabrics  and her mom helped me quilt and tie the final project.  We were able to turn the sheet around to the front as a hem instead of using a binding,  so the back shows on the edge in this picture.

The two flannel quilts on the right  were made by my daughter-in-law,  Becca, last time I visited NZ.  The materials were recycled from Ruby's baby blankets Becca had saved and cut into blocks.
After making Ruby's pink quilt,  we used the remaining yellow and green blocks  to make a quilt  for  the little girls' cousin Alma.  On that trip we also bought wood and c-clamps for the frames I like to use for tying. 

After I came home, I started looking for aqua flannel scraps to complement the teal back we bought for Daisy.   In my suitcase I brought a stash of precut flannel blocks that Becca made into Daisy's new blue quilt (above). We had a real quilting bee when the two  grandmothers, 5 of Daisy's NZ cousins, tied it together with a cool piece of cotton from a NZ shop on the back.   The blue teal made it into the quilt among the blocks and as a border instead of the back.   

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